Case Details

  • Client: The Olympia Collective
  • Date: 3 March 2019
  • Category: Web Design
  • Website: www.carissaholsted.com

The Olympia Collective

The Olympia Collective, a non-profit organization based in the USA, is seeking a comprehensive website redesign to enhance its online presence and effectively communicate its mission and impact to a broader audience. The project aims to create a user-friendly, informative, and visually engaging website that reflects the organization’s commitment to positive social change.

Website solution!

Modern and User-Centric Design: Develop a fresh, contemporary design that ensures an intuitive and engaging user experience. The website should be responsive and accessible across various devices and browsers.

Mission Clarity: Clearly convey the Olympia Collective’s mission, vision, and core values on the homepage and throughout the site. Provide an overview of the organization’s initiatives and programs.

Donation and Fundraising Integration: Implement secure online donation and fundraising features to facilitate contributions from supporters and sponsors. Highlight the impact of donations on the organization’s initiatives.

Event Promotion: Showcase upcoming events, workshops, and community gatherings, along with an event registration and ticketing system.

Impact Stories and Multimedia: Create a section to share success stories, testimonials, photos, and videos that showcase the organization’s achievements and community involvement.

Blog and Resources: Develop a blog or news section to publish updates, articles, and valuable resources related to the Olympia Collective’s areas of focus.

Volunteer and Joining Opportunities: Provide clear information on how individuals can get involved, volunteer, or become members of the organization.

Social Media Integration: Connect the website with the Olympia Collective’s social media profiles to foster community engagement and expand the organization’s reach.

SEO Optimization: Ensure that the website is search engine optimized to increase its visibility and reach a wider audience.

Content Management System (CMS): Implement an easy-to-use CMS that allows the organization’s team to update and maintain the website content independently.

Compliance and Security: Ensure the website complies with relevant regulations and includes robust security measures to protect user data.

The redesigned website for the Olympia Collective will serve as a vital platform for engaging with the community, attracting donors, and raising awareness of the organization’s valuable work in pursuit of social change. The project aims to create a dynamic online hub that empowers the organization to make a more significant impact in the community and beyond.